Budget Chic Halloween Decorations for Cheap

You can have great-looking Halloween decorations for cheap!

If any of you Budget Chic-sters are like me, you love to decorate for the holidays. Halloween is the start of my “holiday season” – it’s when the cycle of getting the decor boxes down, sorting, purging, and replacing begins. I enjoy decorating for Halloween, and every year I update the look a bit by trading out or adding one or two more items. The great news is you really CAN find awesome-looking Halloween decorations for cheap!

This year, my top find was a glittered Halloween house, which I found at (surprise) HomeGoods. It is similar in style to the Pottery Barn/Pottery Barn Kids German Glitter Houses that were so popular last year, but sadly out of my budget.

Not wanting to spend $50+ on a glittered house, I held off the purchase in 2015. I’m so glad I did, because I found this one for only $11!  I know it’s not exactly the same at the PB ones, but it does the job and looks great as part of my foyer Halloween display. My find was also a third of the price of this season’s Pier 1 Halloween houses and cottages.

If you’d like to try your hand at making this type of Halloween decoration for cheap, there’s a great DIY tutorial here.

Now is a great time to swing by the following stores to scope out decor they still have on hand at reduced prices. And remember, if you LOVE something but it’s still out of your budget, try to grab it after Halloween when most stores cut prices by 50% or more!

Places you can find Halloween decorations for cheap, with many great options for less than $25:

HomeGoods – THE best place for affordable and fashionable decor finds, in our opinion.

Michaels – Become a Michaels Rewards loyalty program member and save! Get coupons you can use on top of sale prices. The store significantly discounts Halloween merchandise as the holiday approaches. Sign up to participate in their workshops for affordable DIY classes.

Cost Plus World Market – Budget-friendly and unique finds abound in their Halloween shop! Items range from decorations that look more hand-made than mass produced to treats and gifts. Check out the Black Zombie Flamingos and creepy, flameless LED Halloween candles.

Dollar Tree/Family Dollar – Need Halloween party decorations, party supplies, costumes, or DIY supplies? Check out these dollar stores for unbeatable prices.

Share your best Halloween finds in the comments below!

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